Welcome to My World!

Hello! You have found your way to my blog, It’s Comical.

As the title suggests, this blog is all about comics books. What inspired me to create this blog is my own interest in comic books, as well as the fact that I have started to write my own. I want to get personal and share with you my journey in writing a comic, along with the journeys of other women in the industry.

Here you will find information tutorials for the different comic creation processes, my reviews of comics created by women, sneak peaks of my own comic developments. What I’m most excited to share with you are interviews I conducted with successful women in the industry who work for companies like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc. You will also get to meet my characters, including the fluffy, yeti-guy you see in my logo and in many of my works.

I hope that this blog can create a community of young writers and artists interested in pursuing a career in comics. I’m focusing on women, because we’re still a small niche in the industry, but I know that that will continue to change as time goes on. Through seeing the successes of other women, many who have made a name for themselves well in the past, I hope that young girls feel empowered to pursue this career path.

Thank you for stopping by! Here’s to the great adventure that lies ahead~