Sabrina Brittain is a 4th-year undergraduate student at Temple University expected to graduate with a B.F.A. in Printmaking in May 2018. She currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her concentration lies in illustration, from book covers, to portraiture and fashion, and she has experience with various printmaking techniques including silkscreen printing, lithography, etching, and woodcut. She enjoys using her Wacom Intuos with digital painting program Clip Studio Paint.


Artist's Statement:

Where does beauty come from? I contemplate this question over and over and each time my thoughts amount to nothing. Thus, I have postulated that perhaps the concept comes from a higher power, from a dimension beyond what we humans know. Because how can such an abstract concept without definition or origin be universally known?
As an artist, I consider it a privilege to be able to create images that people find beautiful. My work specifically explores the beauty of the human experience. I begin my exploration by studying nature, because when observing the beauty of nature, in its transience of seasons, peacefulness, diversity, periods of light and darkness, and times of trial, I find parallels to my own life and the lives of others around me. And by taking these themes and applying them to my work, I can create illustrations that implore viewers to invent stories around them.
Thus, my ongoing narrative pertains to these themes of nature and how they are revealed in the human world around me. Currently I am exploring the theme of diversity in nature, and how the many unique species of flora and fauna come together to create something beautiful. I desire for my work to speak to the diversity of mankind, calling us to embrace our individuality and identities.