Sabrina Brittain is an illustrator and small business owner currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is best known for her works depicting a figure in a nature scene. Sabrina draws inspiration from her surroundings, as close as her tree-filled backyard, and as far as her travels to destinations including Colorado, Hawaii, and Japan. She began her art practice by translating these beautiful visions of nature into drawings and paintings.

In May 2018, Sabrina graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in Printmaking at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Earlier, in 2016, she launched her website which features a shop selling illustrations and designs on merchandise.

While she was in school, Sabrina created work by studying the beauty of nature through a philosophical lens, relating themes contained in nature scenes to the human experience. She used the printmaking medium to create her illustrations, by translating her digital paintings into CMYK screen prints, or by using a printmaking method to print a black key image to which she later added a paint medium. Her ideas culminated into a visual narrative of seven prints that were displayed at her B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition, Human Nature, in April 2018.

Sabrina has worked on commissions for various private and public clients. Her latest and most notable work was designing a backdrop based on one of her prints for an event held by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Currently, she is focusing on her online shop and writing a webcomic titled The Corde. A link to the comic can be found below.